Here’s Davie’s Termination Agreement

By Daniel Libit

Through a public records request, I’ve obtained the University of New Mexico’s separation agreement with former head football coach Bob Davie. You can read it here.

As has been previously reported, the University will pay Davie $825,000 to buy him out of the remainder of his contract. The agreement also stipulates that UNM will pay his health and dental insurance premiums, including those he obtains through COBRA, for up to 24 months.

The agreement also includes mutual non-defamation clauses with some strikingly specific (and dramatic) language. For example, among other university employees, Davie is specifically not supposed to make any defamatory or disparaging comments about UNM Athletic Director Eddie Nunez, “regarding any aspect of his employment at UNM.”

The university, meanwhile, is required to warn school employees of “adverse employment action” in the event that they disparage or defame Davie, and punish them if they commit such an offense.