About NMFishbowl.com

NMFishbowl.com is a watchdog, journalistic website that primarily covers the University of New Mexico, its athletics department — and the key figures who maintain it, support it, and are enriched by it. It is not affiliated with UNM, nor does it seek the university’s permission or access. Our disposition is circumspect and we are enthusiastically (well, sanguinely) non-revenue generating.

The website was founded by Daniel Libit in November 2016 as an experiment in real college sports journalism. Since launch, the experiment has been profiled in the New York Times; featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education; and examined on Slate’s “Hang Up and Listen” podcast, The Audible with Stew & Bruce podcast,  The John Williams Show on WGN Radio, and numerous other outlets around the country.

Feedback and tips (anonymous or otherwise) are welcome, via our contact form, and we endeavor to protect the privacy of those who choose to share sensitive materials with us. We regularly and happily provide (free) consultation to student and professional college sports reporters. Since articles post irregularly, please sign up for email notifications on the left rail of the site. You can follow our Facebook page here and our Twitter account here.


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