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‘Damning’ Claims Made Against Lobo Softball Coach

By Daniel Libit

Several outgoing members of the Lobo softball program made “damning” allegations about head coach Erica Beach during last year’s student-athlete exit interviews.

The charges centered around Beach’s racial rhetoric and what was described as her general “unprofessionalism.”

The revelations come in the notes of exit interviews compiled by the Athletic Council, a committee of UNM’s Faculty Senate. previously reported on a more limited release of interview notes, in which some athletes raised concerns about race and gender issues throughout the department and university. In the wake of that, a follow-up public records request was made for a more comprehensive — and less redacted — version of those notes, which UNM provided last week. Continue reading “‘Damning’ Claims Made Against Lobo Softball Coach”

EXCLUSIVE: UNM Docs Detail Pitfalls of Athlete Experience

By Daniel Libit

Update (1/12/17): Following publication of this story, UNM Athletics Spokesman Frank Mercogliano took to’s Lobo message board to push back against a solitary allegation addressed in the article: that the school did not honor members of the Lobo women’s cross country team after their 2015 National Championship. In a follow-up email exchange Mercogliano told that UNM did not report any rules violations to the NCAA, based on student-athlete exit interviews, because: “There were no violations of NCAA rules to report.” 

What’s it like to be a Lobo athlete?


  • You might be fat-shamed by a coach who calls you a “Dorito-eater.”
  •  You might be unable to contact your academic counselor because that adviser is busy writing a term paper for another athlete.
  •  You might be struggling to personally pay substantial medical bills from injuries incurred on the field of play.
  •  You might be misidentified by a classroom professor who tells you, “All you black female athletes look alike.”
  •  You might not be permitted to pursue your preferred major because the coursework conflicts with your coach’s practice schedule.
  •  You might fear for your life during an 18-hour road trip because you play a secondary sport and the aging van you’re riding in seems barely able to remain safely on the road.

Each of these allegations were culled from the notes of exit interviews with University of New Mexico senior athletes during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years. The “confidential” documents (copies of which you can see here and here)  were obtained by through a public records request. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: UNM Docs Detail Pitfalls of Athlete Experience”