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State Audit Decries Lobos’ ‘Tangled Web’

By Daniel Libit

A much-anticipated state audit investigation report describes the University of New Mexico’s athletic department as having an impenetrable fiscal system that has grown too convoluted for even university administrators to comprehend. And because of this, state money has been misappropriated and squandered, if not worse.

“No one at the university knows what is going on, because that’s how they set this up,” New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller told Continue reading “State Audit Decries Lobos’ ‘Tangled Web’”

Letter: Lobos Now Under NMHED Scrutiny

By Daniel Libit

The New Mexico Higher Education Department has informed the University of New Mexico that its athletic department has been placed under an “Enhanced Fiscal Oversight Program,” due to its running continuous budget deficits and other financial oversight concerns. Continue reading “Letter: Lobos Now Under NMHED Scrutiny”