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Podcast: It’s Foundational

By Daniel Libit recently spoke with legendary journalist Dave Marash for his “HERE & THERE” podcast/radio show, where we discussed the Cody Hopkins saga and our public records lawsuit against the University of New Mexico Foundation. You can listen to the hour-long conversation by clicking here. We readily encourage you to do so.

Much like Craig Neal, The Fishbowl is taking a nice, long vacation, following a very mad March. (Regrettably, unlike Neal, the university is not paying us $1 million to do so.) We’ve also commenced several longer-term projects related to UNM Athletics, so the postings on this site will be relatively light over the next month or so. But take no comfort, Lobo obscurantists: we’ll be back, sooner than you’d like.

Podcast: Let Me Be Frank

By Daniel Libit

The fellas at The Weekly Howl podcast were kind enough to let me bark on their show for another hour this week. In their latest episode, we delve into the nitty-gritty of why I think those UNM athlete exit interviews merited publication, and the counterarguments against it. We also touch on my recent story about Tim Cass’s ballooning retirement benefits. Unfortunately, I was even more long-winded than the last time, so please accept my apologies — and warning — in advance. You can listen to the podcast here.

(Featured photo by Fool4myCanon/Flickr)

Calling BS on the Lobos’ PR

By Daniel Libit

There’s a reason this kind of thing is called a Friday news dump: the release of some disappointing information, or cockamamy argument, precisely when most everyone is getting off their work computers and heading home for the weekend.

That is to say, when your target audience might not be paying the closest attention.

And so it was, Friday evening, that Frank Mercogliano, UNM’s top sports spokesman, took a break from his tweeting to drop a pile of dishonest nonsense on, the school’s official Athletic Department website: “Why Student Athlete Interviews Are Valuable.”

The title of this “article” (we’ll charitably call it) was a humdinger of lip service — and the rest of the words fallaciously followed suit. This wasn’t just Mercogliano’s doing: UNM Athletic Director Paul Krebs; Amy Neel, UNM’s Faculty Athletics Representative; and UNM political science professor Michael Rocca, a member of the Athletic Council; all lent their names to the case for why the public shouldn’t know what athletes really think about their experiences at the University of New Mexico. Continue reading “Calling BS on the Lobos’ PR”

Podcast: What is My Agenda?

By Daniel Libit was the recent guest of the  The Weekly Howl podcast, where I bloviated about the ethos of this website’s experiment in college sports journalism. Over the course of our (delightful) 75-minute conversation, we also hashed through the “Comeuppance of Craig Neal”; the potential scenario in which UNM buys out Neal’s contract; Albuquerque sports media; the history of Lobo fan-sites; and other UNM esoterica. Bonus subject: Moustapha Diagne. Remember him? Please check it out here.

(photo credit: Cole Young/Flickr)

Betting the Come On Steve Alford

By Daniel Libit

Having spent much of the last 12 months writing stories that augured Donald Trump’s political annihilation, my predictive abilities leave a little something to be desired. So I’m probably doing myself an added disservice by even bringing up Steve Alford, but I suppose this is my chance at small redemption. Anyway, here goes:

On that fateful day in March 2013, when Alford announced his decision to abandon his contract and his word at New Mexico, for a head-scratching offer from UCLA, it seemed almost too easy to claim this wouldn’t work out in the end. Continue reading “Betting the Come On Steve Alford”