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Podcast: What is My Agenda?

By Daniel Libit was the recent guest of the  The Weekly Howl podcast, where I bloviated about the ethos of this website’s experiment in college sports journalism. Over the course of our (delightful) 75-minute conversation, we also hashed through the “Comeuppance of Craig Neal”; the potential scenario in which UNM buys out Neal’s contract; Albuquerque sports media; the history of Lobo fan-sites; and other UNM esoterica. Bonus subject: Moustapha Diagne. Remember him? Please check it out here.

(photo credit: Cole Young/Flickr)

Betting the Come On Steve Alford

By Daniel Libit

Having spent much of the last 12 months writing stories that augured Donald Trump’s political annihilation, my predictive abilities leave a little something to be desired. So I’m probably doing myself an added disservice by even bringing up Steve Alford, but I suppose this is my chance at small redemption. Anyway, here goes:

On that fateful day in March 2013, when Alford announced his decision to abandon his contract and his word at New Mexico, for a head-scratching offer from UCLA, it seemed almost too easy to claim this wouldn’t work out in the end. Continue reading “Betting the Come On Steve Alford”