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Here’s Davie’s Termination Agreement

By Daniel Libit

Through a public records request, I’ve obtained the University of New Mexico’s separation agreement with former head football coach Bob Davie. Continue reading “Here’s Davie’s Termination Agreement”

Here’s the Bombshell Lobo FB Rape Suit

By Daniel Libit

As the Albuquerque Journal and KOB-TV first reported Wednesday night, a former University of New Mexico student named Teriana Bagley has filed an explosive federal Title IX lawsuit against UNM, alleging that she was raped by former Lobo football player Nias Martin in 2016 and that the school violated her civil rights in its response. Continue reading “Here’s the Bombshell Lobo FB Rape Suit”

Katie Hnida Has Her Own Davie Concerns

By Daniel Libit

Katie Hnida, who booted NCAA gender barriers as a placekicker for the University of New Mexico, has joined the community of concerned voices questioning the “moral character” of Lobo football under head coach Bob Davie.

Last month, Hnida told a top UNM athletic administrator about misgivings she had during a sexual assault awareness presentation she gave to the Lobo football team in 2015, in which she said Davie behaved dismissively. Continue reading “Katie Hnida Has Her Own Davie Concerns”

Another Former Corner Blitzes Davie

By Daniel Libit

Marquez Mackey wants to make one thing perfectly clear: it’s not a matter of tough coaching.

That’s not why Bob Davie is under pressure, Mackey says, nor why players and staff have come forward to raise concerns about the University of New Mexico’s head football coach. Davie, in other words, is not the victim of reverse wimpery. Continue reading “Another Former Corner Blitzes Davie”

The DB Who Dimed Out Davie

By Daniel Libit

“There are so many others who want to speak up, but are afraid to,” read the email sent August 9 to the University of New Mexico’s interim Athletic Director Janice Ruggiero and interim President Chaouki Abdallah.

The sender was Jadon Boatright, a junior cornerback on the UNM football team, who was supposed to be a key anchor to the Lobos’ defensive unit.

But now he was asserting himself into a different role: team informant. Continue reading “The DB Who Dimed Out Davie”

Davie’s Lawyer Alleges Memo Mischief

By Daniel Libit

In a further escalation of tensions between the University of New Mexico and its embattled head football coach, Bob Davie’s lawyer has leveraged new accusations of retaliation against the school in a “supplemental” petition to UNM’s Board of Regents.

On Tuesday afternoon, Davie’s attorney Michael Kennedy sent a combative four-page letter to UNM interim President Chaouki Abdallah. In it, he charged that the university has “unlawfully retaliated” against Davie by, among other things, making certain strategic redactions to the final report produced by an outside law firm UNM had hired to investigate the coach’s conduct. Continue reading “Davie’s Lawyer Alleges Memo Mischief”

Here’s Bob Davie’s Petition to Vacate his Suspension

By Daniel Libit

On Friday, Bob Davie announced that he would appeal a 30-day suspension that was handed down to him by University of New Mexico’s interim president, following three investigations into his conduct as head UNM football coach. In a statement, Davie said that he did not think it was appropriate for him to discuss most of the specific allegations that had been the subject of those investigations, although he did seek to categorically dispel one particularly inflammatory allegation: that he had told his team to gather “dirt” on a woman who accused a football player of sexual assault. has now obtained the petition Davie’s attorney, Michael Kennedy, sent on Thursday to UNM interim President Chaouki Abdallah, seeking to vacate the suspension. In the five-page document, Kennedy addresses a number of the other claims that UNM’s outside counsel, Hogan Marron, referenced in its investigative findings report.  Continue reading “Here’s Bob Davie’s Petition to Vacate his Suspension”

Davie’s Lawyer Helped Draft UNM Statement on Investigation

By Daniel Libit

While University of New Mexico football coach Bob Davie remains mum on the ongoing inquiries into his professional conduct, he has others doing plenty of barking on his behalf. And, evidently, with some impact. has obtained emails that show Davie’s lawyer, Michael Kennedy, participating in the drafting of the official statement UNM interim President Chaouki Abdallah gave last month about the nature of the internal investigations. Continue reading “Davie’s Lawyer Helped Draft UNM Statement on Investigation”

Documents Spell Out Davie Inquiry

By Daniel Libit

For months, the University of New Mexico has performed rhythmic gymnastics around the question: who is the target of an internal investigation into the athletic department? It’s been an impressive commitment to evasion, one that has most recently caught the attention (and ire) of New Mexico’s Attorney General. The AG’s office sent a stern letter to UNM’s interim President Chaouki Abdallah, complaining that the school was “using taxpayer dollars to secretly look into matters rather than properly forwarding those allegations and concerns to our criminal investigators.”, which broke the news of the investigation back in September, remains the only media outlet to have independently confirmed — through sources apprised of the inquiry, and witnesses who have been interviewed as part of it — that football coach Bob Davie is a key subject of scrutiny. Now, through a public records request, we’ve obtained a number of documents that affirm this fact while further illuminating how the probe is shaping up. Continue reading “Documents Spell Out Davie Inquiry”