David Williams Subject of OEO Complaint

By Daniel Libit

An Office of Equal Opportunity complaint was filed against University of New Mexico Deputy Athletic Director David Williams, NMFishbowl.com has learned. Continue reading “David Williams Subject of OEO Complaint”

The Docs UNM Spent Over $45K to Hide

By Daniel Libit

Last week, the University of New Mexico finally turned over documents responsive to a series of public records requests I made in November 2018. UNM did so as part of a settlement agreement we reached in January, after the school denied my initial requests based on a specious claim of “reasonable particularity” —  basically, that I was not clear enough in specifying the particular documents I was seeking. Continue reading “The Docs UNM Spent Over $45K to Hide”

Here’s Davie’s Termination Agreement

By Daniel Libit

Through a public records request, I’ve obtained the University of New Mexico’s separation agreement with former head football coach Bob Davie. Continue reading “Here’s Davie’s Termination Agreement”

The ABQ Journal Sweetens its Lobo Beat

By Daniel Libit

In early 2017, Kent Walz, the Albuquerque Journal’s long-time editor-in-chief, retired to the role of senior editor.

From this fallback perch, Walz took up the essential task of penning single-sourced puff pieces about New Mexico’s elite — the sorts of people (officeholders, CEOs) who newspapers are supposed to hold accountable — for a semi-regular feature called “Face-to-Face.”

The stories, which are accompanied by a big portrait photo of the subject, get prominent play above-the-fold on the Journal’s front page.

In the journalism biz, these kinds of ingratiating profiles are often known as “beat sweeteners,” with the assumption that they will produce reporting dividends down the road. Continue reading “The ABQ Journal Sweetens its Lobo Beat”

UNMF Gets Sued Again For Lobo Records

By Daniel Libit

The University of New Mexico Foundation is once again facing legal action for allegedly violating the state’s public disclosure laws, after it denied a local attorney records related to the scandalous 2015 Lobo booster golf trip to Scotland. Continue reading “UNMF Gets Sued Again For Lobo Records”

Was UNM BSing Accreditor on AG Probe?

By Daniel Libit

Since taking the job one year ago, University of New Mexico President Garnett Stokes has routinely professed her commitment to lead the school into a new era of openness and honesty. (You can Google, “Stokes + UNM + transparency,” for a representative sample of those professions). But given her failed attempt late last year to persuade UNM’s accreditor not to call further attention to an ongoing state investigation into the school and its athletics department, it seems those praiseworthy days may still be a ways off. Continue reading “Was UNM BSing Accreditor on AG Probe?”

Eddie Nuñez’s Lobo Land Grab

By Daniel Libit / photos by Steven St. John

Like many up-and-coming strivers in his line of work, University of New Mexico Athletic Director Eddie Nuñez has cultivated the reputation of a man who gets pricey things done.

In his previous job as Louisiana State University’s deputy director of athletics, Nuñez was credited with overseeing $400 million in athletic facility renovations and construction projects — a datapoint prominently displayed on his online bio.

But, of course, that’s LSU: where athletics money grows on the cypress trees of Baton Rouge. The situation is significantly different in the Land of Enchantment. Continue reading “Eddie Nuñez’s Lobo Land Grab”

Hopkins Lawyer Now Representing Krebs

By Daniel Libit

The University of New Mexico’s athletic department scandals may be costing the New Mexico taxpayer, but they’re a windfall for the state bar — or at least one member of it.

Prominent Albuquerque attorney Paul Kennedy, who is representing former Lobo men’s basketball staffer Cody Hopkins in his embezzlement trial, has now signed on to defend UNM’s ex-Athletic Director Paul Krebs in his unrelated criminal case. Continue reading “Hopkins Lawyer Now Representing Krebs”