Will UNM Keep Investigating Davie?

By Daniel Libit

Since NMFishbowl.com broke the news in September that the University of New Mexico had hired an outside investigator to look into allegations against Bob Davie, the Lobo football coach has vowed to address those charges just as soon as he is able.

The investigation, led by former federal judge Bruce Black, formally concluded on Oct. 31, but the Lobo football coach is still not talking about it. “Now is not the time,” Davie told NMFishbowl.com this week.

That’s probably because Davie has not yet been cleared of those pending allegations. Continue reading “Will UNM Keep Investigating Davie?”

State Audit Decries Lobos’ ‘Tangled Web’

By Daniel Libit

A much-anticipated state audit investigation report describes the University of New Mexico’s athletic department as having an impenetrable fiscal system that has grown too convoluted for even university administrators to comprehend. And because of this, state money has been misappropriated and squandered, if not worse.

“No one at the university knows what is going on, because that’s how they set this up,” New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller told NMFishbowl.com. Continue reading “State Audit Decries Lobos’ ‘Tangled Web’”

McKamey To Resign From Lobo Club

By Daniel Libit

In the latest apparent casualty from the financial scandals surrounding the University of New Mexico’s athletic department, UNM Lobo Club Executive Director Kole McKamey announced Wednesday that he will resign his post, effective Dec. 4.

“This decision has come with much consideration, discussion and self-reflection,” McKamey wrote in an email to the Lobo Club Board of Directors. Continue reading “McKamey To Resign From Lobo Club”

Weir’s Concussion Remarks Rattle Department

By Daniel Libit

The University of New Mexico’s medical staff has raised alarms within the athletic department after men’s basketball coach Paul Weir was overheard warning his players about how they report concussion symptoms, NMFishbowl.com has been told.

According to multiple sources, Weir was heard telling players after a practice last month that they should be careful when reporting head-trauma issues to team physicians and trainers, because the school requires a minimum 10-day, sit-out period for athletes diagnosed with concussions. Continue reading “Weir’s Concussion Remarks Rattle Department”

Lobos Warrant an IPRA Investigation

By Daniel Libit

The blessing of public officials’ incompetence is that it doesn’t yield to their deceit, although this can only serve as small comfort to the public.

I write of the latest revealed blunder of the Paul Krebs era, as reported last Sunday by the Albuquerque Journal: an email the former University of New Mexico athletic director sent to two subordinates, in early May, instructing them to delete emails so that this reporter wouldn’t be able to obtain them through a public records request. The messages revolved around the draft of a press release the school was prepping to announce the reinstatement of its skiing program, after previously stating that the sport would be abolished. Continue reading “Lobos Warrant an IPRA Investigation”

Weir, Aggies Slog Toward Arbitration

By Daniel Libit

As new University of New Mexico men’s basketball coach Paul Weir commences his first season with the Lobos, he appears no closer to resolving the terms of separation with his former employer. New Mexico State University continues to maintain that Weir owes the school a $500,000 buyout, to be paid posthaste; Weir has offered half that amount, stretched out over time. The dispute has essentially been mired here since early summer. Continue reading “Weir, Aggies Slog Toward Arbitration”

UNM Downplays Audit to Accreditor

By Daniel Libit

University of New Mexico interim President Chaouki Abdallah told the school’s accrediting agency last month that UNM has been “immediate and cooperative” in responding to ongoing investigations by the New Mexico State Auditor and Attorney General into Lobo athletics. Continue reading “UNM Downplays Audit to Accreditor”

Letter: Lobos Now Under NMHED Scrutiny

By Daniel Libit

The New Mexico Higher Education Department has informed the University of New Mexico that its athletic department has been placed under an “Enhanced Fiscal Oversight Program,” due to its running continuous budget deficits and other financial oversight concerns. Continue reading “Letter: Lobos Now Under NMHED Scrutiny”

Inside the Bob Davie Investigation

By Daniel Libit

On January 18, 2013, an anonymous letter signed by “Senior Football Players” was sent to UNM President Bob Frank, which raised a series of inflammatory accusations against University of New Mexico football coach Bob Davie.

Among its charges, the letter said Davie evinced a racist attitude towards the black players on his team, while showing favoritism to white players. It alleged that the coach had gotten into a physical altercation with a black player during halftime of a game, in which both men ended up on the ground. It spoke of rampant drug use on the team and complained that the drug-testing process had been compromised by Davie. It called out then-Athletic Director Paul Krebs for ignoring issues when they were brought to his attention.

It concluded with a desperate, if ominous, plea: “Please address, it’s to [sic] late for us.” Continue reading “Inside the Bob Davie Investigation”