Category: Media Relations

Flack Goes to Mat on Davie Crowd Quip

By Daniel Libit

How tenuous are things around Lobo football? It seems we may have already crossed the messenger-shooting Rubicon of the Bob Davie reign weeks ago.

Earlier this month, the University of New Mexico’s top athletic spokesman, Frank Mercogliano, fired off a chastising email to an Albuquerque Journal reporter, in which he argued that the “very poor” use of a Davie quote in a story about UNM football home attendance was “hurtful to Coach Davie’s reputation.” However, both those contentions should probably be examined further. Continue reading “Flack Goes to Mat on Davie Crowd Quip”

Krebs Confronts Transparency

By Daniel Libit

The public’s right to know is on a collision course with Paul Krebs’ prerogative to keep certain things secret.

The University of New Mexico Athletic Director is attempting to resist journalistic scrutiny into Lobo sports, by engaging university lawyers and calling out potential leaks in his own department.

According to a copy of minutes from last week’s Athletic Department Leadership Team meeting, Krebs had plans to meet with the school’s Athletic Council to, “discuss the aggressive nature in which one reporter, Daniel Libit, requests information.” Continue reading “Krebs Confronts Transparency”