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Was UNM BSing Accreditor on AG Probe?

By Daniel Libit

Since taking the job one year ago, University of New Mexico President Garnett Stokes has routinely professed her commitment to lead the school into a new era of openness and honesty. (You can Google, “Stokes + UNM + transparency,” for a representative sample of those professions). But given her failed attempt late last year to persuade UNM’s accreditor not to call further attention to an ongoing state investigation into the school and its athletics department, it seems those praiseworthy days may still be a ways off. Continue reading “Was UNM BSing Accreditor on AG Probe?”

UNM Downplays Audit to Accreditor

By Daniel Libit

University of New Mexico interim President Chaouki Abdallah told the school’s accrediting agency last month that UNM has been “immediate and cooperative” in responding to ongoing investigations by the New Mexico State Auditor and Attorney General into Lobo athletics. Continue reading “UNM Downplays Audit to Accreditor”

Letter: Audit puts UNM’s Accreditation at Risk

By Daniel Libit

The fallout from the financial scandals involving the University of New Mexico’s Athletics Department continues to cast a pall over the school.

A national organization in charge of accrediting universities has now notified UNM that its regional accreditation status is in potential jeopardy, pending the findings of a state audit into the school’s fiscal management. Continue reading “Letter: Audit puts UNM’s Accreditation at Risk”