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UNM Taps Ex-DOE Lawyer for Davie Probe

By Daniel Libit

As its investigation into football coach Bob Davie carries forward, the University of New Mexico is enlisting the help of the former top lawyer at the U.S. Department of Education.

Charles P. Rose, now a partner at the Chicago-based law firm Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, has been in consultation with UNM officials over the last month, a source tells Continue reading “UNM Taps Ex-DOE Lawyer for Davie Probe”

Will UNM Keep Investigating Davie?

By Daniel Libit

Since broke the news in September that the University of New Mexico had hired an outside investigator to look into allegations against Bob Davie, the Lobo football coach has vowed to address those charges just as soon as he is able.

The investigation, led by former federal judge Bruce Black, formally concluded on Oct. 31, but the Lobo football coach is still not talking about it. “Now is not the time,” Davie told this week.

That’s probably because Davie has not yet been cleared of those pending allegations. Continue reading “Will UNM Keep Investigating Davie?”

Inside the Bob Davie Investigation

By Daniel Libit

On January 18, 2013, an anonymous letter signed by “Senior Football Players” was sent to UNM President Bob Frank, which raised a series of inflammatory accusations against University of New Mexico football coach Bob Davie.

Among its charges, the letter said Davie evinced a racist attitude towards the black players on his team, while showing favoritism to white players. It alleged that the coach had gotten into a physical altercation with a black player during halftime of a game, in which both men ended up on the ground. It spoke of rampant drug use on the team and complained that the drug-testing process had been compromised by Davie. It called out then-Athletic Director Paul Krebs for ignoring issues when they were brought to his attention.

It concluded with a desperate, if ominous, plea: “Please address, it’s to [sic] late for us.” Continue reading “Inside the Bob Davie Investigation”

Updated: Retired Judge Investigating Davie

By Daniel Libit

The University of New Mexico has hired former Federal Judge Bruce D. Black to investigate Lobo football coach Bob Davie and other issues within the the UNM Athletic Department, including the sanctity of its drug-testing procedures.

In a brief telephone call with Friday, Black confirmed that he had been retained by the school earlier this month. still has a pending public records request seeking the engagement letter between the school and the former judge. Continue reading “Updated: Retired Judge Investigating Davie”

Davie’s Forgotten History, Remembered

By Daniel Libit

“I don’t really feel a need, quite honestly, to stand up and defend myself. I don’t say that from an arrogant standpoint. I don’t say that from the standpoint that I’m above being questioned. I say it from the standpoint that the truth is the truth, and I don’t think you have to defend the truth. And I say it from the standpoint of how consistent I have been in everything I’ve done, really since I entered this profession.”

 —Bob Davie, September 19, 2017 press conference

“Fuck you,” Bob Davie told Joe Moore. And that was the last thing Davie would ever say to the legendary Notre Dame line coach. Continue reading “Davie’s Forgotten History, Remembered”

Sources: Allegations prompt Davie investigation

By Daniel Libit

The University of New Mexico has retained an outside investigator to look into various allegations made against Lobo football coach Bob Davie, has learned.

According to multiple sources apprised of the investigation, the school is looking into specific claims of player mistreatment, as well as allegations about the athlete drug-testing process being compromised. Continue reading “Sources: Allegations prompt Davie investigation”

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

On Sunday, the Gildan New Mexico Bowl sent out a tweet with this promo graphic for its upcoming match-up between the New Mexico Lobos and the UTSA Roadrunners. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

Bob Davie’s Big Blinds

By Daniel Libit

Now is the time of year when the high-flown rhetoric of capitalism and meritocracy starts swirling around the nation’s college football fields. That is to say, we hear a lot about Coach So-And-So “deserving” a raise. And so it may soon be for the University of New Mexico. Continue reading “Bob Davie’s Big Blinds”

Lobo Football Has Gone Virtual

By Daniel Libit

At the end of his post-game press conference following New Mexico’s 56-35 drubbing of Wyoming, Lobo Football Coach Bob Davie cast a bothered glance at his watch. “12:14 [a.m.], that’s how we do it, right? That’s five weeks in a row we’ve done the middle-of-the-night thing.”

Davie, the former ESPN2 color commentator, was referencing the game’s 8:26 p.m. start time, which UNM acceded to at the behest of ESPN2 programmers. Saturday’s regular season finale was the third time this season the Lobos have been broadcast on The Deuce, banking a  $500,000 payout for each. That’s likely to be more money, if not substantially more money, than the school netted from the entire gate of Saturday’s game. (Consider the math: if those 16,698 paying fans spent an average of $30 a ticket, that would work out to a half-million dollars; and that assuredly overstates the average ticket price, given season-ticket discounts and a $10 game-day promotion.) Continue reading “Lobo Football Has Gone Virtual”