Ex-Prez Frank’s Twitter Account Just Slammed the Lobos

By Daniel Libit

For quite some time, sources have been buzzing me about the Game of Thrones-like tumult between former UNM President Robert Frank, Athletic Director Paul Krebs, and UNM head men’s basketball coach Craig Neal. The way it sounds, everybody has been trying to knife each other in the back for the last couple of years.

Well..at just after 10 p.m. MST tonight, a tweet was posted from Frank’s account that threw a quantum level of shade at the Lobo hoops team. The tweet was deleted shortly thereafter, but here’s a screen grab:


Holy Sedition, Batman.

As you may recall, Frank recently stepped down from his president’s post at UNM after  threatening to sue the school for a “false and defamatory” internal audit (of dubious integrity), which was leaked to the Albuquerque Journal. The audit had been commissioned by UNM’s Board of Regents, which was angling to terminate Frank with cause. The parties eventually resolved to allow Frank to take a $190,000/year position at UNM’s Health Science Center. More recently, Frank took his name out of the running for the president’s job at Ohio University. He is in the midst of a five-month sabbatical, during which time he is being paid at his UNM presidential salary rate of $362,136/year.

In an interview with the Journal in December, Frank said he was heart-broken over the way in which his presidency came to an end at New Mexico.

“There’s no question my employee rights have been violated,” Frank told the paper. “I think everyone in the community has seen that. It’s just a fact.”

We sent a public message over Twitter to Frank, asking him why the anti-Lobo tweet was deleted (which is really a question of why the anti-Lobo tweet was tweeted). A source noticed that, prior to it being taken down, Robert Frank’s son, the aforementioned Brian Frank, “liked” it.

We’ll update the story if Frank responds — or if he posts any more perspicacious tweets.

Anyway, don’t fret: all’s hunky-dory in Loboland.

UPDATE: UNM Athletic Director Paul Krebs “liked” the following tweet posted by @TheLobolair. If only passive aggressiveness could be commodified, UNM Athletics would be running in the black.

(Lead Photo Illustration by NMFishbowl.com; Original photo by Rune Jensen/Flickr)